Aim & Vision

Our philosophy

Nature is the perfect example of efficiency, where maximum result is achieved by mobilizing minimum resources. We are driven by the idea of harnessing underground natural processes, exactly where fascinating mechanisms occur for millions of years. We implement a phenomenological approach, which begins by observing natural phenomena and systems and understanding their behaviour. We focus on bringing these mechanisms from their native environments, to the laboratory scale to ultimately engineer mainstream solutions to tackle real-world problems in the construction, geo-technical and environmental practice.

Our focus area

Bio-mediated calcite precipitation in soils is definitely not a new concept. It occurs in natural environments for million of years  and its core elements are known to scientists for decades. However, little is done towards mastering this core technology at real-world scale and even less towards building mainstream engineering solutions out of it. To do so, BIOGEOS mobilizes multidisciplinary and applicable research and a global vision of how geo-engineering practice can evolve towards a sustainable future. We aim to explore new concepts in ground reinforcement by meticulously designing the transition from ideation phase to validation and feasibility demonstration at many scales, typically confronted in geo-technical applications and construction problems. That’s why we are building world’s largest testing infrastructure to extensively investigate the integration of calcite bio-mineralization in a series of geotech applications.


BIOGEOS builds on the knowledge and expertise developed at the Laboratory for Soil Mechanics of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology during the past decade. From meticulously investigating theoretical and conceptual frameworks to extensively designing and delivering experimental campaigns, our group has contributed significantly to improving the understanding around bio-inspired design for geo-technical applications. At the crossroad of environmental geo-technics, bio-chemistry and material sciences, BIOGEOS consolidates the path towards the conception of innovative applications, which are expected to impact significantly the way we perceive and design efficient and sustainable construction applications. The next 5 years represent a continuous journey filled with incremental steps that aim to crystallize knowledge into constant innovation in our field.