Work Packages

Experimental campaign


We are working in lab and field scale to provide rich data series which ultimately establish a complete and comprehensive framework to capture and describe:

  • the production of bio-reinforced geo-materials
  • their micro-architecture
  • their deformation characteristics
  • their durability
  • and relevant techno-economic analysis of their adoption into mainstream engineering processes.

Numerical campaign


Numerical methods and advanced image processing are indispensable elements of BIOGEOS. Results from experimental campaigns are used to capture and outline behavioural trends, which in turn serve towards the development of robust numerical predictive tools. Advanced micro-structrucal investigation with the treatment of large data is used to build digital twins of real 3D geometries of the engineered geo-materials.

Large-scale applications


BIOGEOS does not chase the development of new concepts for the shake of the concepts themselves. The project’s core purpose is to implement these concepts, which are extensively studied and validated at laboratory scale, at the scale of real-world problems. This ultimately allows our team and partners to identify challenges, opportunities and better address limitations. We are developing world’s largest infrastructure to perform controlled experiments at the scale of hundreds of cubic meters, while implementing -at the same time- applications in real, natural fields.