Why become a Partner?

At BIOGEOS we value partnerships with industry, in order to best meet the challenges involved in bringing soil bio-improvement from the research laboratory bench to large-scale, real-world applications. We believe in collaborative research & development and mutual knowledge sharing to ultimately accelerate progress in sustainable Geotechnics and take decisive steps towards the conception and mastering of innovative applications. Therefore, we invite key stakeholders, such as engineering consultancies, contractors, geo-enviromentalists, material providers and public authorities to engage with BIOGEOS and partner with our Swiss-based team to foster change towards a sustainable future for Geotechnics.

Collaborative modules.

We offer multiple collaborative modules, ranging from joined meetings and workshops on a periodic basis, to the design and implementation of custom-designed bio-reinforcement works in real-field conditions. Our team of researchers and experts adopts a global vision of the impact of BIOGEOS and invites partners based in Europe and elsewhere in the world to contact us to learn more about opportunities for joint development in research and applications.