Latest Past Events

2022 Eshbach Lecture “Tailor-made soil properties by biogeochemical means”

Technological Institute L211, Northwestern University, McCormick School of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

ABSTRACT: Among the non-conventional soil consolidation techniques, bio-mineralization has been a central focus of research for the past decade. At its core, Microbially Induced Calcium Carbonate Precipitation (MICP) is a multi-physical phenomenon, resulting in a natural CaCO3 bio-cement, capable of improving the mechanical properties of geomaterials. At the confluence of many disciplines, the technique is […]

IACMAG 2022 Presentation by Ariadni Elmaloglou

Politecnico di Torino

Biogeos PhD Candidate Ariadni Elmaloglou will present her work on “Unravelling the effect of medium’s structural heterogeneity on microbially induced calcite precipitation: an image processing algorithm for time-lapse imaging experiments in meter-long microfluidics”, on 1st September, 2022, at IACMAG 2022 in Turin.