Dr Harran Ray passed his viva

Dr Harran Ray passed his viva on 24th November 2022 after a 4-year journey that involved experiments that span between few milliliters to 120 cubic meters!

His PhD thesis is titled “Mechanical performance and upscaling of bioimproved soils”.


European Research Council Advanced Grant: Bio-mediated Geo-material Strengthening for engineering applications (BIOGEOS)


We are looking for a PhD candidate in geomechanics.

Would you like to influence the success of our high profile project BIOGEOS and gain a sense of contribution in building the next generation of sustainable geotechnics? If so, this is what you will do by joining our highly
motivated team at the the laboratory for Soil Mechanics (LMS) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL).

BIOGEOS (BIO-mediated GEO-material Strengthening) is supported by an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council, awarded to Prof. Lyesse Laloui in 2018. We target the establishment of innovative, sustainable processes within mainstream geo-technical practices. Among the techniques developed at LMS is that of biocemented geo-materials. The significant impact of bio-cementation ranges from the protection of infrastructure against liquefaction & poor quality of foundation soils to mitigating risks related to landslides and soil erosion which are intensified by extreme weather.

BIOGEOS aims to crystallize new knowledge into constant innovation and implement state-of-the-art advances in the fields of micro-structural inspection, numerical modelling and material characterization.

CANDIDATE PROFILE: For PhD candidates a recent M.Sc. (or equivalent) degree in Civil Engineering or other related field is required. Background in Geotechnical Engineering, Porous/Fluid mechanics and Numerical methods is very much appreciated. Candidates are expected to demonstrate independent research and scientific reporting skills. Communication skills and teamwork attitude are a big plus. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview at EPFL.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: We are offering excellent research facilities and a competitive salary. The EPFL offers an outstanding international ecosystem full of training and development opportunities. We are looking for motivated candidates ready to undertake advanced experimental and numerical work within our team. The position includes part-time supervision of M.Sc. students and participation in teaching activities.

APPLICATIONS: The call is open and candidates are urged to apply as early as they can. Please contact recruitment.lms@epfl.ch for applications. Suitable candidates should send an e-mail including a cover letter describing interests and qualifications and a CV, as a single PDF.

We are hiring!

Join Us at LMS, EPFL

We are looking for two PhD candidates & a post-doc in geomechanics and environmental geotechnics.

Would you love to contribute to the success of our high profile project BIOGEOS and be involved in building the next generation of biogeotechnological solutions?

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